The idea behind this website came from the unfortunate demise of the 4WDlinks website which had served a lot of us well for a lot of years.  As a result I didn’t have anywhere to upload pictures to contribute to the forums that I am a member of.

Taking it one step further, I thought it’d be a good idea to have all of it at the one location and from there I can provide links as necessary.

My background is a bit varied from the norm of society.  My first passion is my family as per most people and I’m lucky enough to have a woman who puts up with me, and four children to grow up with.

My second passion is volunteer fire-fighting.  I started back in 1995 in Tasmania with a brigade at a little place called Primrose Sands.  From there I have been fortunate enough to have worked alongside fellow volunteers in the HQ brigade (Windsor, NSW); Katherine Bush Fire Brigade (Katherine, NT); Burra Rural Fire Brigade (just outside of Queenbeyan, NSW); Forest Hill Rural Fire Brigade (Wagga Wagga, NSW); Thurgoonah Rural Fire Brigade (Albury, NSW); Black River Rural Fire Brigade (Townsville, QLD); Metropolitan Fire & Rescue Brigade (Perth, WA); and Cressy Fire Brigade (TAS).

To say that I have met some of the best people a bloke would ever want to meet would be an understatement.  I would highly recommend the Tasmanian Fire Service, NT Bushfire Council; NSW Rural Fire Service; WA Fire and Rescue; and the QLD Rural Fire arm of QFRS without any hesitation to anyone interested.

Work wise I am fortunate enough to have more opportunities than I could poke a stick at.  I started of from 95-00 as a Baker/Pastrycook.  Finding opportunities in Tasmania hard to come by (and still not having grown up enough) I joined the RAAF as a Heavy Diesel Mechanic.  I spent 12 great years in various locations before deciding to return to Tasmania. Unfortunately the career options were not available so I spent 12 months in Perth as a Workshop Supervisor for BGC Transport. Returning back to Tasmania to drive semi’s and b-doubles, we ended up making the decision to work for the NSW Rural Fire Service full-time. Unfortunately it means that I am still travelling between work and family however all will be well that ends well. Difficult at times but at least I know the family are provided for.

I would thoroughly recommend anyone interested in the ADF to take the plunge and get into it.  It is more rewarding than you’d believe – and if nothing else it gets a damn good trade under your belt.

So where does 4WDing come into all of the above?  Well that’s the common theme with all of it (defence, family and fire-fighting).  4WDing has given me so many good times over the years that I’d be lost without it now.  I find that spending time with the family is easier said than done with normal day-to-day commitments.

However when you pack up the 4WD, ask the missus nicely to come and throw the kids in – that’s damn good quality time that you’d normally never get.  Add to the fact that the kids are out in the bush/beach/away from the city – well that’s just an added bonus.  School might provide the theory of things like the early explorers – but there’s nothing like getting out there and showing them the history.  It sticks in their minds better than any textbook ever will.

Anyway, that’s enough about that.  I trust that you’ll find this website informative and I hope for those that have never been out there that it gives you motivation to get out and enjoy this country.  For those that already do get out there, I hope that there’s information on here that will help you on your way.



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