Update 17

I was asked on AULRO when I first posted these modifications if I had much more to do to the old girl. Primarily I normally work on her when I break something – I am a firm believer of replacing broken items with better items. However in reality I’ve had it done and dusted a few times. Then something else comes along and I change it again. This time it was the little fella mainly, plus a lot of lessons learnt over the years on different trips – e.g. heat transfer on the Fraser trip; water ingress in the High Country, MUD dash and other assorted items courtesy to this forum, roof lights after the Simpson trip driving through flooded waters over the bonnet at night

So basically it’s a whole heap of little jobs that I’ve put off until they’ve all added up into what seems like another rebuild


Well a nice early start today due to an electrical fault at the airport (fire alarm) meant that I managed to get another start on the old girl.

First up was carpeting the passenger floor area. I used that old vinyl/rubber surround as a template, and then fine tuned it as I went.

It is secured up the top by the normal bracket, the side by the kick panel surround and on the bottom by the floor bolts.

It has come up Ok, but some tardiness on my behalf has marred a good job in my opinion – there are a couple of spots where I’ve cut the carpet too short and you can see the form shield. ops:

I put the rear floor back in with some silastic

I got the base of the rear floor laid with form shield as well

Last and not least I got the transmission surround sorted on the drivers side

Note – for anyone considering this don’t drill too close towards the front of the vehicle when trying to put nutserts into the transmission surround. I went too close on the drivers side and it goes through a double layer – meaning a nutsert won’t work. I had to tap the holes and put bolts in instead ops:

All going good tomorrow I want to get the drivers side floor done, and maybe get the rear finished with the form shield – ready for carpeting later this week. Then it’s bolt everything back in ready for the rest of the stuff ready to be fitted (dash, electrical etc) 🙄

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