Update 8 – Oct 2010

Blue SCA driving lights – gone 😈

In their place is a set of Narva 225’s. I initially brought them to put onto the Defender, but looking at them I was concerned about affecting air flow too much into it’s radiator.

Plus with the Prado being the ‘family’ vehicle as such, I decided to fit them on and I’ll put a set of 175’s onto the Defender instead. 😉

[i]Lights off – bullbar back to being bare[/i]

[i]I might use them on the roofrack of the Landy[/i] 😕 [i]They’re a good light, but a crap mounting system really lets them down[/i] 🙄

[i]Bolted on. I’m a little worried about how much they stick out the front of the top bar. There doesn’t seem to be any protection for them as such if I hit a roo or similar head on[/i] 😕

[i]Harness that comes with the lights[/i]

[i]Relay and fuse mounted[/i]

[i]Battery back in – the engine bay in this is very cramped compared to the Defender[/i]


Seems to light up alright – certainly provides plenty of feedback from roadsigns 😆

Just a quick note on the wiring loom. Whilst it is certainly plug and play, it has it’s downfalls.

1. Trying to fit the whole plug through the firewall is harder than a couple of wires.
2. There was too much length in the wire – I had to tuck a fair bit away in a couple of places and there isn’t the provision to shorten it due to the plugs.
3. The sticky backing on the switch lasted 5 minutes 😆

So I think I’ll stick to making my own from now on. I have the pre-fab one a go but it doesn’t work for me.

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