Update 4 – Nov 09

Well I spent a few hours on it again today – should really be spending it on the Landy 😈

Anyway, the MP3 player and the UHF are now fitted. Major pain in the bum part was fitting a new aerial due to the one I received not being correct. Some minor ‘adjustments’ and it was fitted, but I lost a good hour doing it.

Running the aerial cable and the UHF aerial cable through the dash isn’t quite as bad as I thought it’d be. I cheated by tying some line around the original aerial and pulling it through, then tying that same line to the new aerial – made life a lot easier! 😉

Everything worked the first time 😯 😆

In and done – need some double sided tape to mount the mic…….

[i]Bloody mount – why can’t it be flat![/i] 🙄

Tasks still to come (as ordered by the woman) 🙄

Tinted windows
Service (that one is mine, but it’s been relegated down the list 😆
Front and rear lockers – WTF 😯

And then apparently she will be happy – yeah right 😆

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