Update 18

So today was a mixed day of sorts, however I did manage to get some things done thankfully.

First up was getting the rear laid with the form shield – which actually does take a little bit of time due to fiddlier bits. ops:

However it all came together slowly.

I decided to try and use the one piece of marine carpet for the majority of the rear area instead of seperate pieces. I really don’t need access to the floor area – so I’ve glued it down instead of screwing it.

It’s amazing what you can use to weight stuff down – inc sockets and steel bar

And nearly completed

I need to place a little bit of carpet around the sides of the wheel arch and bolt the rear seat in and the back half is completed.

The drivers side front still needs carpeting and I need to bolt in the front centre seat.

I am hoping to have that done tomorrow – hoping.

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