Update 12

Well due to work and the fire brigade it’s been a very slow pace getting through the jobs I have lined up. However some things have been partially done so I’ll try and update as I go.

I got hold of a second hand centre front seat and when I went to put it in I found that it didn’t fit. ops:

After some research on the landrover specific forums (read: AULRO) I did some measuring and worked out that both of the front seats needed to go outwards by 20mm.

Easier said than done, however anything is possible and after some colourful words at stages it was completed. The centre seat went in nicely, and a trip to Repco sorted out the seat belt issue – although it stung me near on $90. I had considered the wreckers but I’d rather go with new for seatbelts.

With that complete it was time to look at the next task. For those that have been following this thread, you would remember me mentioning about the heat that gets transferred up from a combination of the transfer case, transmission and exhaust – which is primarily on the other half’s side.

Well I went down and brought 5m of form shield and 2l of contact adhesive. Cost was $120 for the form shield and $50 for the contact adhesive.

But before I can go placing that down, I need to clean the years of abuse from the floors etc. In order to do that I started to strip the inside out, in preparation of cleaning hopefully tomorrow.

There was a lot of dirt and moisture under there ops:

Last and not least I grabbed 3m of pinch weld for the side of the bonnet. The rear part already has a seal there, however I believe that a lot of the noise comes from the sides – especially when the vent is open. For $27 it’s an easy cheap fix anyway.

I will be looking at the under bonnet with that sticky crap at some stage soon enough.

Anyway until tomorrow…..

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