The beginning – Oct 09

Just got hold of a 98 GXL Prado for the boss. Second hand obviously…… Wink

Brought as follows:

8 seats
AT tyres – quite noisy I’ve been told
I’ve noticed a dual battery controller, but it’s only got the single battery – so I’ll be chasing the wiring down

It has 260k so it’s definately broken in. I’m going to do a full service on it straight up so I know where it stands. There are a couple of small problems, namely loose seat bases, broken power window surround on the drivers door etc. But these should be easily fixed with a good afternoon.

I’ve been ‘told’ that I have to do the following:
Driving Lights
Snorkel (if it can be done)
Tint the windows

I’ll whack up some photos in a couple of days, and knowing the boss there’ll be some photos of it dirty soon enough!


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