Update 16

I changed my mind. I’m going to leave the original fuse box surround there, but the transmission surround I am carpeting.

I slipped the carpet underneath the rubber surround, and then used contact cement to secure the upper portion. Around the actual transmission I used my (now) normal rivnuts to secure it.

Whilst in the area I had some wiring that required tidying up. A lot of people will stick a soldering iron underneath the wires and then wait for ages for it to heat up enough. A cheat way of quickening up the process is to put a dab of the solder onto the iron – this will speed things up considerably.

Nothing beats a bit of heatshrink to finish off a job properly. Primarily to protect the wiring, it does look good – and it’s a hell of a lot neater and smaller than using crimp connectors.

I also got the form shield completed in both foot wells today, so all going well tomorrow it’s a matter of carpeting, securing the front centre seat and fitting the ‘mud’ surround to the transmission and the front half will be completed.

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