Update 7 – Sep 2010

Well the Prado ferried us safely for a Sunday drive around the Hume Weir area albeit chewing a little bit of gas off-road. I still really notice how much it uses once it’s into the tougher stuff 😯

But the extra power available is nice sometimes 😳

I’ve been watching a slow leak on the front right over the last week or two (been dropping approx 15psi every 3-4 days) and whilst checking it out during the trip I also noticed the insides of the two front tyres are scrubbing out slowly.

So when I got home I decided to rotate the tyres around before getting the missus to take it down for a wheel alignment this week. However when I ripped off the cover to the spare I got the shock of my life! 😯

That’ll teach me not to check stuff before hand. 🙄

So seeing that; I decided to check all of the tyre changing equipment to make sure it all worked properly – I wasn’t leaving anything to chance now! 😳

So end result is I’ll replace ALL of the tyres when this set is done – only decision is what to put on it when the time comes.

BTW – I know I work on Land Rovers and cop the obligatory crap for it – but what bloody idiot thought up these things? 😯

What a pain in the bum! Bloody bent tabs and loose as all well….. I have a hate for them already!

Things to do – it’s just clicked over 300k so guess who has a timing belt to do! Whilst I’m at it I’ll do all of the oils/filters ets and I’ll look at this rack (it does have a slight oil weep in it at the moment).

I’m also going to fit a set of Narva 225’s onto it. I originally got them for the Defender, but I’m quite happy to just have the 175’s on the old girl and to put the better set onto the family car (I drive the Defender, whereas the Prado has the family in it everyday).

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