Update 11 – Apr 11

Well it’s been a while since I last updated the Prado story.

A run up to Blowering Dam in late January showed no problems with the gas system so I was quite happy with it.

Easter came around and we packed up the Prado and took it to the Mitta Mitta area where we did 4Wding both with and without the Trak Shak. Whilst I didn’t have any issues with lack of power I found that it’s running rich and I’m back to the old back-firing problems again. And it’s happening in the same old scenario – when I back off for a corner at low speed and come back onto the accelerator.

I’ve spoken to a few different LPG installers since getting back home and they’ve all said the same thing I was advised right back at the beginning. Install a balance pipe, place a donaldson pre-cleaner on it (or turn the ram head on the snorkel backwards) and tune it properly.

So I’m back to the start again and I guess I’ll have to go and speak to them again!!!

That aside the Prado has been doing a brilliant job for us both at home and when touring. It’s capability off road is quite impressive considering it’s not running and lockers, muddies, suspension lifts etc.

We’ve added some roof bars and a roof basket which is easily removable when we get home – still allows us to get into underground carparks when we get home.

We purchased a Repco air compressor to take on trips instead of getting one vehicle mounted. Why? Because at this stage I’m not planning on added lockers and it’s a damn sight cheaper to boot.

Future plan at this stage is to fit new tyres. Not sure if I’ll go with AT’s or bite the bullet and get the BFG MT’s yet. Problem is the size is different to the main sizes used by the bigger vehicles. Manufacturer size is: 265/70R16. If you go to a 265/75R16 you are technically going against the law and you do need a 2″ suspension lift to stop scrubbing at full lock and articulation. This in itself will most likely leave me with staying with AT’s at this stage.


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