Update 19

Well we’ve had a few unsettled days with the young fella, so trying to work on the old girl has been few and far between unfortunately. However even the Landy comes second to something 😉

Carrying on from last time I went down and got some longer bolts for the rear seat. It wasn’t for permanent use – rather it was to ‘pull’ the seats in enough to use the original bolts.

Around about now I started to regret my decision to carpet the rear in 1 piece. The seat mounts tightened the carpet and started lifting it in places. Which in the end I had to relieve the tension with cuts along the joins (e.g. the base of the seat etc).

If I did this again I’d lay the carpet down in 2 seperate pieces – that would negate the problems I had.

I tell you one thing – when you have side steps putting the washers and nuts back onto the bolt (the ones closest to the doors) is really a bugger. I spent a lot of time cursing the damn things – there’s 3 near each door! 😯

The handbrake required slightly longer bolts which I had some sitting in the shed. The centre front seat is now bolted in – my young fella (Ben – not Ethan!) actually worked the ratchet inside of the vehicle whilst I was underneath it.

So that was the insulation and carpet done

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