Update 3 – Oct 09

So far…………….

[i]Ironman bar, mounting kit, SCA spotties & Uniden UHF aerial (pre-tuned)[/i]

[i]Grille removed[/i]

[i]Bumper removed[/i]

[i]They don’t make them like they used too![/i]

[i]Lots of surface rust[/i]

[i]Ground back and sprayed with Galmet to hopefully prevent it happening again.[/i]

[i]Jack stands helped me line it up[/i]

[i]Nearly done[/i]

[i]Plastic………… [/i] 😈

[i]Sharp stanley knife fixed it[/i] 😆

Overall the job was a major pain in the backside compared to the Defender. Wiring was a nightmare, as the connections are behind the plastic wheel arches, and it’s a negatively switched light system! 🙄

BUT, the bullbar is fitted, spotlights on and working quite well for something sooooo cheap, and the lights on the bar are nearly all working – the left hand indicator isn’t working for some reason. I’ll be looking at that one Sunday arvo when I get home from course.

I’m not convinced that this bullbar (even though it is steel) will take a hit as good as the Defender. The mounting set-up doesn’t look as strong, although saying that I have no doubt that it’d take on a kangaroo easily enough, and it’s still better than plastic.

Issues also included mounting’s not quite lining up – easily fixed with a bit of time, grinder and galmet paint. Also found that the last person to work on this used the wrong threaded bolts, and stripped them nicely. Result equalled one snapped bolt, and one stripped thread. Unfortunately I don’t have that big a size in the shed, so I’m going to have to take it in to get it fixed up properly. Either way it still has 8 bolts in the mounting system. 😉

Still to go…………

[i]Fit the UHF[/i]

[i]Fit the MP3 player[/i]


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