Update 9 – Nov 10

Snorkel fitted:

Had the job completed by Opposite Lock in Wodonga. Snorkel came up looking good however we had some issues with the Prado stalling – one of the times was on the freeway!

Spoke to the mechanic out there who was very good and he fixed the problem – runs like a dream now.

One thing that disappointed me was the way my missus was treated by a staff member there. It is a shame as the mechanic that I dealt with was very good in both workmanship and customer service. It’s things like this that can make or break a business and I hope that it doesn’t occur again as I like the products and work that they deliver out there.


2 Responses to Update 9 – Nov 10

  1. Clayton says:


    Was there any comment made about the snorkel and the LPG? I was advised that it may not be suitable to put a snorkel on an LPG vehicle (to be honest can’t even recall why now).


    • admin says:

      Clayton the problem as I understand it relates to needing a balance pipe added to the system, otherwise there can be issues with backfiring etc. It’s one of the reasons why I went to a reputable store like Opposite Lock rather than fitting it myself. I have also heard (but not confirmed) that some systems work better with the Donaldson pre-cleaner rather than the normal RAM head.

      There are plenty of vehicles travelling around running on gas/petrol with snorkels fitted though. I’d search the forums if you ever consider it specifically for those that have fitted one to the particular vehicle/engine that you’re considering at the time. Generally if something can go wrong you’ll find out about it through the various forums.


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