Update 29 – Apr 2013

Wow – it’s been 13 months since I last looked at this!!! Well the old girl has done a LOT since then, that’s for sure.

I think I’ll let the pics do the talking:

Anyway, the reason I jumped on to update this page is because I finally got some work done to the old girl. Not much and it was really only done because I had too. You see I’ve had this kit sitting in the shed now for quite a long time (read over 12 months).

Driving to work the other morning I lost all headlights. Yeah, yeah – it’s a Landrover and I should’ve known better. Anyway I thought I better fix it before work in the morning.

For those that aren’t aware, Landrover in their infinite wisdom wired up a headlight circuit so all the amps go through the switch itself. Now the original switch went on me back in 04 when I rigged up a couple of spotlight switches to get me home. 9 years later one of those switches failed (lol). Got me home alright!

The kit I used was from Drivesafe, a forum member on AULRO (www.traxide.com.au). Great bit of kit which fixes the original problem by actually using a relay (funny that!). The kit was easy to fit, although I needed to lenthen a few of the wires – a very easy thing to do.

I fitted the relay in the battery compartment, as I’m not to keen to have anything electrical in the engine bay – knowing what I do to the poor bugger!

The offending item:

Actually the proper connector, instead of 3 terminals……

Relay fitted, although it’s starting to get messy – may have to tidy it up soon!

Proper switch!

Low beam


High beam


Hard to show what an improvement this has made, but damn it’s good. I’m still running Narva all-weather 55/60W globes, so they aren’t anything fancy. All I can say is I should’ve done this upgrade years ago!!!

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