Update 2

Ok then, as promised pics have arrived:

[i]Front on[/i]

[i]Seat covers and rubber mats make a difference to appearance really quick – dash mat to come![/i]

[i]Back end with seat covers – we haven’t found a similar design yet for the very rear seats, but are looking.[/i]

[i]A bit hard to see, but it’s running Maxi’s 751’s. They should do for a little while hopefully……..[/i] 😕

[i]Side steps may suffer a little though. Mind you I’m not mentioning that around ear shot of the missus – her shopping list is already huge![/i] 😳

[i]View of the back end with the gas tank fitted.[/i]

Today is her birthday – the girlie not the car 😳

Her birthday consisted of the following wishes:

MP3/CD player – $152
Dash Mat – to be sourced
New aerial to fix the busted one – going with a manual instead of the auto crap that’s in it – to be sourced
Bullbar – Ironman, $1175
UHF, inc aerial – $260

So that’s just been ordered 😳

And to top it off she’s asking where the diff lock switches are going to live – for crying out loud, I only got lockers on my old girl last year 😯

I think she’s determined to show that it’s not a chick’s car 😆

Anyway, total cost of the car so far including modifications upcoming (I’ll fit it myself) is $12, 384.

Still trying to keep it as a budget build – not sure how it’s going to go with her asking about lockers 😆


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