Update 31 – Feb 2014

Well its time to do an update on the old girls progress. Since arriving in WA she has had a break from daily work duties, which is probably a good thing. However work withstanding, we have still managed to get away for a few trips to explore around this coastline (and some inland through the hills as well).

The bonnet cable has finally been replaced

and all the hubs were rebuilt again just before Christmas.

I did a service today and changed the oils to full synthetic, with the diffs/transfer case changing to a 140 rather than the standard 90. This was mainly because of the higher temps combined with the high speed, low torque (highway) and low speed, high torque (off-road) applications that its being used for at the moment.

Once winter starts to hit I will revert back to the 90. It will be interesting to see how the temps go, in particular the transfer case as this historically does get bloody hot. The rear Salisbury isn’t too much of a worry at the moment as I’m not towing, otherwise I suspect I’d be seeing similar temps. Will see how it goes anyway.

Also noticed that the front propshaft flange (transfer case side) was loose whilst I was greasing. Seems to be a common problem, along with uni-joints crapping out. Still, better to find it now than down the road somewhere.

Still got an outstanding modification list as long as my arm, and some (very) overdue maintenance tasks like suspension bushes etc…… I’ll get around to it sooner or later 🙂

Oh also fixed up the rear door cracks and put an opening shelf onto it.


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