Update 21 – Sep 2010

Well the old girl is getting a shock to the system that’s for sure. It’s gone from 3 and a bit years of getting driven semi-regularly to being driven at least 200km’s a week just for work.

How is it going? Well quite well actually. I’m watching the km’s pile on; and keeping in mind that it’s got a few km’s on it I’m also taking it easy with her. But so far (touch wood) it’s going better than expected.

A couple of weekends ago now I finally got the front hubs sorted. Parts had arrived and I had some free time to get the job done. I’ll put a few photos below to show part of the job for anyone interested, but it’s an easy enough job to do at home.

I’ve still got stuff everywhere at the moment, and I’m really trying to find time to get stuff done to her. The Tassie trip AND the High Country trip are fast approaching so I’ve gotta start getting things done soon.

Oh and it’s sporting a new dent. Right above the rear door in the roof ops: Guess who stuffed up reversing at night during a recovery 🙄

Stripped – well as far as necessary this time!

A little bit of contamination

An old cup cut with the angle grinder – I always have a couple around as they are the best thing to use when putting new ones back in

By having the cut in it – I can get this out with my fingers. Otherwise it’d be well and truly stuck and you’d be trying to drift it back out.

That looks a little better

I love this stuff!


Couple of things probably not quite apparent in the photos:

a. I use maring grease in the Defender. Old habit but I know it’s good around water, and I’m not doing ultra high racing speeds (note – it is specced right for the purpose);

b. Ultrablue or similar – even though the drive flange has a new gasket on it, I still used ultrablue otherwise it will weep. And grease flung around the inside of a rim is near on impossible to clean; and

c. I use a smidgen of grease on my wheel studs 😉

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