The beginning – Dec 09

I finally got one! 😀

It’s second hand, nearly as old as the Defender and surprisingly enough it does the job just as good as the Defender :angel:

Photos tell a thousand words as they say:

The particulars are as follows:

95 Trak Shak
Independent Suspension/Shockies etc
Electric Brakes
Disco rims (I believe looking at them)
2 x 85 A/H deep cycle batteries
2 x 65W solar panels w/controller
Kids room
plus the normal additions/canvas etc.

It took us 20 minutes to set it up the first time, and about the same to pull it all down ready to move it. Hopefully with practice that time will improve a lot more.

NOW to go and use it, and see what limitations it puts on me off-road.


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