Update 5

Well I started fixing the problems from my last trip. As per normal, when I break something, it’s definetely broken:

I pulled out the radiator and gave it a good clean, straightened up the fins and hit it with some flat black. Looks a lot better now:

The intercooler got the same treatment:

I will most likely give them a couple more coats as I only used one spray pack on the both of them

I also pulled out the viscous fan whilst I was at it. It’s definetely stuffed that’s for sure. I went down and had a look at the AU hub, and it is the same. Problem I came across is that the fan itself is larger than what the Defender is – so to fit it I’ll need to cut the fan down in size to fit into the cowling. Not too sure if I want to go down that route or not:

End result, at this stage still working on the old girl. And she’s still in the driveway unfortunately.


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