Update 22 – Nov 2010

I’ve managed to get a few more things done to the old girl. Trying to catch up with some jobs I haven’t had a chance to get around to, and with a trip upcoming to the VIC High Country drawing closer it’s time to get back into it again.

First up was replacement of the door locks. I haven’t been able to lock her up now since about 2005 so I thought I better sort it out…..

New locks

Door stripped ready

Handle removed

There isn't much room to work with

Rod connections - pliers help a little.....


Rear door

Remove trim

Lock assembly out

Lock out - there's a little pin you need to depress to release it from the assembly.

All back together


The roof rack was starting to look pretty bad from years of abuse. The gutters may have had some grass growing in them as well….. So I pulled the roof rack off and started fixing it up.

Taken off - bit worn from a lot of years worth of work

It used to hold the shadecloth together!

Stripped and ready for fixing (BTW it's an aluminium roof-rack - nice and light)

Pain is a bit worn in places. I also took the time to drill some mounts for the spot-lights I'm going to fit.

Touching up with Galmet black paint

New shadecloth - I went black this time

New clips - available from Bunnings for a few dollars

Close up of the clip - wrap it around the pole and clip it together (spikes go through the shadecloth to hold it)

All done - just needs the lights to be mounted and wired and I can put it back on

I also managed to get a new dent in the back end on the roof line (damn)

Last and not least I’ve started having issues with wet weather and the inside not being much dryer than outside! So I grabbed some Sikaflex and started working my way around. Since I did this job I noticed I’m still getting a little bit but it’s greatly reduced. This seems to be coming through the door seals and I believe it’s because of the mis-alignment of the door due to the hinges wearing. I’ll get to that one day!

I think it needs cleaning

It has been a few years since I took the roof-rack off. I cleaned it all back with the Karcher first.

Looks a lot better cleaned

Sikaflex around the windscreen surround

Gutters done

And all done - for now!

Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll get some more done to the old girl. I’ve got quite a few parts sitting in the shed ready to go into her, plus I’ve got a lot of wiring that needs doing.


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