Update 5 – April 2012

Knowing that we had planned around 1000km’s on corrugated gravel roads this weekend, I took a look at the stone protector. It self destructed from age a while ago and we had been travelling around without one on.

A tad silly considering the chance of having the back window smashed, plus there’s some stone chips on the front of the trailer now. Anyway I finally got around to doing something about it.

Using some old material that I had sitting around, I rigged one up quickly to get us through the next few trips. The plan is to do something better in the near future, although most plans of late have gone out the window through lack of time.

I didn’t make it too tight, as I want the material to absorb the energy of the stones/rocks etc, and not be able to rebound back off of it.

Simple but it works.


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