Update 3 – Nov 2010

Well I’m getting the Trak Shak ready for a busy summer period. It has to go down to Tassie real soon and then not even 48 hours after that excursion it has nearly 2 weeks in the VIC High Country – it’s going to earn it’s keep that’s for sure.

So first up I got hold of a Projecta 25 amp battery charger. Why that one? Well I can leave it hooked in even when there’s a load on the battery at the time. I can run it off of 240V mains if I’m at a relatives place, or it can run off of the generator in an emergency (the batteries already charge of solar as well as the vehicle when driving).

I changed the ends from battery clamps to an Anderson plug. This makes it easier to hook in as I just plug it into the normal connection to the car and it does it’s job – no lifting covers etc to access the battery. I also made a short extension lead with battery clamps in case I need to use it on something else.

All nice and new

And my first thoughts were to go and modify it (around about there the girlie walked out of the shed in disgust!)

Unpacked. It has a remote info board but as I'm not permanently mounting it, it won't get used.

Close up of the display and the remote display

The fun begins! Cable cut and crimped ready for the plug

I try and use heat-shrink on most connections I do - just another added layer of protection

Done and ready for service

Short extension made for when I need to use it elsewhere (don't have your eggs all in one basket)


The other thing I went and did was to make up two drawers for the inside of the trailer. This enabled us to get rid of all of the plastic boxes other than the ones underneath the kitchen unit itself – it also gave us a lot more room than we though as well.

The boxes but up against the kitchen at the rear, and at the front it leaves room for the generator, toilet and Coleman HWOD unit.

The sliders are from BCF - they are the exact same as go on boat trailers..... (about $12 ea)

This is marine proof - so a good product to spray around the outside of the ply to seal it.

Handles attached - I had to grind down the screws as they poked through slightly (Bunnings for around $20)

The inside is carpeted but the dividers aren't (I only ended up using one divider anyway!)

Loaded up and done

Bike carrier

Last and not least I got hold a proper Hayman Reese bike carrier. It can carry up to 4 bikes which works well for us. Cost is approx $150.

Can be mounted with a bolt, or by the normal Hayman Reese pin - there's provision for both.


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