Update 5 – Dec 09

Well it’d been on it’s first trip away – and towing the Trak Shak no less! 😆

To be honest it did a bloody good job.

Points noted:
1. Thank god it’s on gas as it chewed the fuel towing – esp off-road
2. There is a huge difference between 1st & 2nd low range, esp on the steeper climbs
3. Plenty of power – certainly is very different to drive compared to the Defender (2500-4000rpm average compared to say 1500-2500 in the Defender)
4. Need to look at air bags or something similar in the back end for towing – sags a little
5. Handbrake is crap compared to the Defender though!

The trip consisted of some hill climbs etc from Wagga through to Talbingo, and some light off-roading around the dam. We then moved onto the Brindabella N.P where it towed the camper trailer through Flea Creek and down to McIntyre’s Hut.

Next day it pulled it back out from the Hut, along the ridge trail and then the back way off of Two Sticks Rd (rough grade of ‘hard’ for a trailer in the dry). Then home from Canberra.

Overall quite happy with how it ran and how it went off-road. I gave it a damn good test and it did very well. A couple of lockers and it’d show quite a few vehicles up along the way.

Damage – one broken spotlight from a random stone! 🙄

Also of note – the SCA spotlights.

The old adage of you get what you pay for is still true. However you can adapt and overcome as well. I had modified the original wiring straight away when I got them which fixed that part – resulted in a pretty good light.

I also sealed the gap between the light and the plastic surround with silastic. Reason being the it’s only really held by one little screw – which works itself loose and then the light falls out Laughing But the silastic worked perfectly.

HOWEVER – I can’t fix the mounting system which is the downside to the light. If it had a better mounting system (it’s plastic) then I’d be happy enough to recommend the light with the above mods. But it doesn’t and it leaves me constantly adjusting them by hand after driving around off-road, as it doesn’t matter how tight you do it up it still moves.

Sooooo – I’ll most likely look at a different set (most likely Narva) for the vehicle – at least the wiring is already there.

Helps that one of the lights busted from a random rock during the trip though Wink

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