Update 23 – Dec 2010

Well I got a decent days work in today. A few things done but there’s still more to do before the High Country trip. We’ve decided to take the Prado to Tassie so that gives me another 3 days after work to get it completed.

Today’s main job was to fit the rear wheel carrier. But I also managed to get the wiring done to suit towing the Trak Shak which entailed changing from a dual battery system in the old girl to a single one. You don’t have to take the dual system out, but I don’t have a need for a second battery in the Landy now and it frees up a lot of space.

I used a dual battery controller and circuit breaker the exact same as you’d do for a dual battery system. The only difference is it needs to be connected through the Anderson plug to work.

Last and not least I finally got the front tailshaft rebuilt. So I’m back to constant 4WD instead of the rear wheel drive (centre diff locked) that I had been doing. It took quite a while to pull them apart as the damage was a bit more than I realised at first. However all’s good that ends well!

The rear wheel carrier came up good. It is made by Bermach in the UK, however I got it through Rover Parts down in VIC – a lot easier than dealing with customs etc etc. I was a little disappointed in the gap I got between the door handle and the carrier – it’s on an angle. I should have mounted the plate further to the passenger side to get it closer. Oh well – lesson learnt via another mistake 🙂

I was able to clean up the inside of the rear door whilst I was at it, however I’ve noticed a couple of cracks just under the window that I’m going to have to do something about. You can hear it ‘knocking’ when I close the door or even as I drive up the road now the carrier is fitted.

I will be putting a flat piece of steel or chequerplate over the inside of the rear door, with most likely a fold down table of some sort. Not sure when I’ll get around to that one, but that is the plan.



Standard mount gone

Inside the rear door

Cleaned up

New mount

The angle I was talking about - I should have mounted it closer to the passenger side to minimise it!

And mounted finally - geez the rims a bit dirty!

The new battery controller and circuit breaker

Anderson plug mounted up out of harms way

All done

A little bit of damage - again!!!

All completed

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