Update 16 – Dec 12

Well it’s finally all back together and I’ve now done 1000km’s on it over the last week. As alluded to in my last post, the radiator was the primary fault with the vehicle. Unfortunately it necessitated a complete replacement, as well as numerous flushing of the transmission and coolant systems. I can honestly say that Dex III gets pretty damn expensive after a while!!!

Whilst there the engine was only a few thousand away from a timing belt change, so having the radiator out already it was a perfect time to get it done.

So all up we replaced the following:

Timing belt
Cam seals
Water pump
Radiator hose


Cost came in at around $1400 which was a big hit at Christmas time. For some reason these types of things never happen when it’s convenient.

Over the next few days I still need to give the coolant and transmission systems another flush, and I’ll probably pull the radiator out and give it a good clean in warm soapy water. Talking of which that is exactly what I’m still running in the radiator (warm water and dishwashing detergent) until I can get the last remnants of oil out of it. Then I’ll throw in some proper inhibitor.

I’ll also be doing the normal service things like oil and filter etc over the next few days. Hopefully it’ll be good for a few more km’s after that – it’s just nudging 360k now.

Lastly the inside will be getting a few goodies added to it once the Christmas presents have been discovered 🙂


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