The beginning!

Thought I’d finally sit down and write a half decent post about my old girl. I bought this one about March this year, for 12,500 (2004). Got lucky that’s for sure. It is the TDi model, and runs on fumes, which is great for someone that has 3 littlies and loves touring. I will admit from the start that I bought this car for two reasons, a) I have three littlies, three car seats etc and, b) The old holden never did like four wheel driving. Oh, oh, and a c) Landy’s are the best 😆
Anyway why own a Landrover without getting it dirty. Was never going to happen. Got me stuffed how the last owner could resist. He bought it from new, and basically never had it off-road. So I took it off-road, with varying success, more to my failures than the vehicles.

Haven’t got any pictures of it clean sitting in the driveway, so I might have to do that soon, I guess. The details for the Landy are as follows:
Built July 1993
Compliance 9/93

Anyway, plans for the immediate future are a snorkel, recovery kit, bullbar, 2 inch lift, rims and MT’s for play in that order. Will stick with the current rims and Desert Duellers for on-road and moderate off-road work.
For those that wish to look at trip photos, they are available underneath, and are constantly getting updates as the trips go by. Sorry in advance though, I’ve only just started doing this.

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