Update 10

Well today I started getting a few of the smaller jobs done:

Work lights mounted:

Fuse box for the cargo area sorted:

2 merit plugs installed either side (total of four):

Continuing to charge the batteries – the deep cycle is taking forever!

Hooked up the Wacko and started cooling it down now for transfer to the old girl on Sunday morning:

However the garage is a bloody nightmare at the moment:

I’m not sure if I’ve shown this before – a couple of years ago my reversing light went on the old girl. When I checked out the price to replace it, I nearly had a rum at 8am!

Anyway, end result is that I fitted a 35W spot light to the rear. Works a treat and there’s no problem with seeing where I am reversing at night.

Plans in the NEAR future are to tidy up the battery area and other numerous small jobs (like my seatbelt which I realised today)


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