Update 1

Due to this being a budget build-up, I’ll be doing a lot of work myself again. As well as sticking to the cheaper brands. Whilst they aren’t as good as the ‘big’ names, it’s still an improvement on standard.

We went shopping today at Supercheap.

Items added to the vehicle are:

Manual – well not added as such, but damn handy to carry and use! Wink
Window sign that says ‘Monsters on Board’ – the kids loved it and the wife thinks it suits Laughing
SCA Driving Lights – the blue kits with the spot/spread beams, They aren’t a big name, but it’s an improvement. I’ll fit them once I get the bullbar, and it’ll be interesting to see how they go…….. Confused
Rubber Mats – the kids have got it filthy already, and that was just driving back from Sydney
Seat Covers – sheepskin SCA ones. We considered waterproof covers, but this isn’t going to get the treatment that the Landy does. Front and rear in the seat, as well as seat-belt covers and a steering wheel cover Embarassed

Sorry I couldn’t get photos today, as the rain has come in. To be honest it’s good to have the rain.

BTW – prices for those interested in any of the above:

Manual – $43
Driving Lights – $95
Seat Cover Pack – $119
Rubber Mats – $40


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