Update 1 – Jan 2010

Well it had it’s first decent trip with us. It was behind the Prado though, so it was treated gently due to the lack of capability compared to the Defender :wasntme:

Overall I am genuinely happy in how it went. It certainly made lunch stops very easy, and there was more than enough room for the family overnight. The wife was happy after the trip so that was a big bonus 😀

Brindabella Valley for lunch and a swim in the river

McIntyres Hut

For the full trip report please have a look at the trip report area.

I’m going to make a bracket similar to the one the kitchen is on for the front of the trailer (hanging off of the door). This will house the 80 litre Waeco and the little generator (I carry it for my son’s asthma machine).

Once I’ve wired that in then to be honest I’m pretty much happy with how it is at the moment. I’m planning on doing a few more trips as soon as I can. that’s for sure.


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