Update 14

Well I started working on the front first – I figured that it’d take the longest with the fiddly bits. Unfortunately I was right! ops:

Due to the air compressor being under the drivers seat, and the batteries under the passenger seat I needed a way to still access those areas in a hurry if required.

So when I put the form shield down, I cut it so the access panels can still come out when required.

The next problem was how do I secure the carpet and still have access. I realised that the whole front area still requires access if I ever need to work on the transmission/transfer case/handbrake.

So I turned to my nutsert kit and sorted out a heap of phillips head bolts and washers. That had the access issue sorted. However I still had to access the battery and air compressor regularly.

I again used the nutsert kit – however I put a bolt through from the outside in (basically leaves a threaded bolt). From there the carpet slides over it and is secured by a wing nut and washer.

Working out the side of the seat boxes, I used some plastic push-in clips to make life easy.

Overall it’s slowly coming together.

If you look closely you’ll notice that I’ve used some thin right angle to surround the sides of the access panel.

Problems faced so far are the seat securing bolts were too short after adding everything – so a couple of dollars later and new bolts were in place.

Second problem was the seat base no longer fits into position properly. The seat mounts compressed down, but nothing else did. So the fix – as I see it – will be to get a piece of steel to place under the runners. This should sort the problem out hopefully – however tomorrow will sort that one out!

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