Update 20 – July 2010

Well it’s been a while – something about packing up house, moving to Albury and then setting up house again – oh and starting work

Time has certainly tightened up with this current job, plus being winter it’s not giving me much time to get things done. However I have got until December to have it ready for (possibly) Tassie and the VIC High Country trip.

I managed to get it ready enough t drive down to Albury. It towed the camper trailer quite well actually. I’m guessing that it’s the Disco high range gears in the transfer case, as in fourth it’ll pull easily past 100km/h with the trailer on, and it cruised ery nicely on the flat at 100 – although it’s more comfortable at approximately 90km/h.

Noise wise it is better, and there is certainly no heat transfer. However I now notice the noise through the firewall/bonnet are and around the doors a lot more. However I’m sure the radio will fix that nicely when I get it back in.

Due to work at the moment I’m having to use it every day – it’s a 40km round trip so it’s getting a good run every day.

I still have the dash/roof console/everything bloody else pulled apart. BUT I did get something done today – part of a service that’s been overdue. I was getting worried with the extra km’s the Landy’s doing, and the cold morning.

So the coolant, air, fuel and oil filters were replaced. Oil was too obviously

I checked the diffs, transfer case and transmission and I haven’t used any fluids which is a good sign. The steering feels a bit loose at the moment which is hinting towards components nearing the end of their life.

I will look at that after I do the front wheel bearings next weekend – plan is to strip, clean and re-adjust at this stage, but it’ll depend on what I find.

Anyway a couple of pics:

Writing date and km’s on filters is a damn good way of keeping track of replacements

I drained my ‘oil catch’ – my way of stopping oil from getting to the air filter

My version of a filter removal tool – works everytime, although it can be messy

I used my spare filters to give them a run, and I’ll grab some new ‘spares’ through the week. Part numbers for this lot (Baldwin) were:

Air Filter – BAF0247
Fuel Filter – BF587-D
Oil Filter – B2

I took a Donaldson (P550008) oil filter off, and a Bosch (1 457 434 106) fuel filter as well. The air filter was another Baldwin Filter.

For info I check at Repco today for filters for the old girl and they supplied the following numbers for their ‘Repco’ brand filters:

Air Filter – RAF137
Fuel Filter – RDF15
Oil Filter – ROF15


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