Mt Wellington, TAS

It was November……………

Not that I was surprised as such. I think our cook from Darwin was half excited / half scared. Thankfully he loved his time in the snow.

Little known fact – the summit road was hacked out of the mountainside during the Great Depression as a relief scheme for the unemployed. At just under 1300 metres it isn’t exactly that high, but it’s prominence comes from rising in the Hobart backdrop. And being close to the Derwent River certainly provides some great pictures – especially if you are at the cricket in Bellerive looking across the river. The sealed road to the summit is 22 km’s from Hobart, but this is going to take you at least 30 minutes – although probably longer as you stop for pictures along the way.

There is great (and I mean great) walking tracks and mountain bike opportunities – if you want a work out for your legs you will definitely get one. The mountain is often considered to be a dormant volcano, but this isn’t correct. The 1967 fires did impact on the mountain, as far up as ‘The Springs’ where a chalet was destroyed.

My advice – take a jacket. Like being up at the Lakes, the wind goes through you. I love it – you know you are alive when you are up there. 🙂











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